The NickVannah Foundation presents its grand kick-off event, Operation Christmas Love!


This is an "online event" (which will run from today through December 22). The NickVannah Foundation kicks off with a Christmas event to welcome their first group of children and women who are registered to receive help from the foundation. Our goal is to gather support, both financial and prayer, spread the news about The NickVannah Foundation, and ask our friends to tell their friends. Please watch this video to learn about Operation Christmas Love.


Come and join us HERE

Everyone who wants to "come to this event" will have a chance to be part of a monumental opportunity. There has never been a foundation like this one before, and all of you have a chance to be part of it from the very beginning! Everyday, I will be posting a picture of two children or women. I will give their names and ages and a special Bible verse that has been specifically chosen for them. 
I am going to step out in faith and ask those of you who are willing to write aprayer for the children/women of the day. 
Will you take this challenge? During this Christmas season, will you remember that we are instructed to reach out to the "very least of these" as if they were Jesus Himself. Will you pray and seek what God would have you do this Christmas season, with this opportunity? Will you partner with us to bring the love and hope of Jesus to these precious souls?

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