A New way to look at math!

The Math Lessons for a Living Education series is a new, fresh and completely unique approach to math. If you have a longing to show your children the world around them and the patterns that surround us everyday, you will love this series. Your children will work alongside a set of twins that are just about their own age. Exciting stories, fun activities, and heart-felt learning will be your new math experience. So put away the dry, dusty math books and dive into a living math adventure! 


All math concepts are explained in detail! Please understand that the sample may or may not show a full lesson or a full explanation. 

Here is a sample of what people are saying about Math Lessons for a Living Education...


"I just wanted to tell you how much my children and I are LOVING your math series! I have 2 children using Book 1 and one child using book 2. My now 1st grader is the one using book 2 and I am just thrilled with the way math is going for her this year! Last year (for her K year) we used ******. I wanted to love it; I wanted her to love it, but neither of us did. She found the blocks so very tedious, and well, so did I. Sigh.... Over the summer, I was on the Queen Homeschool site and saw your math books and decided to give them a try. I am happy to report that all 3 (I've also got 2 K'ers using book 1) of my children are doing WELL and enjoying math. I am enjoying math, and learning it in a way I'd never had it presented before!


I knew things were going along well, but it wasn't until we got to the addition and subtraction where re-grouping is involved that I totally and completely fell in love with your program. It was absolutely, positively SIMPLE to teach the re-grouping process using the place value village concept. She got it! My daughter "got" those concept the first time they were presented! So, I'm hooked and am SO glad to read that you're going to continue the program through the jr. high level.


I also wanted to mention that one of my K'ers is my son who's 7 and was adopted from China at age 4 ½. His time in the orphanage did not serve him well, and he has some definite learning differences/ delays. Almost every time a new concept is introduced, I worry that he's not going to 'get' it, yet each and every time, he has! Your program has worked so well for him, too!"

Pam, via email. 


Angela O'Dell
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